The graduates of LOSHI’s March 2009 residential construction training conference in Newark, NJ

LOSHI works with partners from the business, non-profit, and faith community to design and implement industry- and site-specific Spanish-language health and safety programs. Seeking to both engage Latino workers’ own lived experience and make health and safety awareness a collective enterprise, LOSHI’s curriculum is designed in accordance with the Small Group Activity Method pedagogy.

Training Manuals

LOSHI has developed training manuals for a number of the industries and situations in which immigrant Latino workers most commonly find themselves. Among these industries for which LOSHI has developed manuals are: residential construction, food service, housekeeping and commercial cleaning, warehousing, and light manufacturing.

The following manuals are available to download online. For industries not listed below, please contact us.

Construction Workers/Trabajadores en la Construccion

Warehouse Workers/Trabajadores de Warehouse/Almacen

Security Systems and Strategic Planning/Sistemas de Seguridad y Planificación Estratégica

Night Shift Workers/Trabajadores del Turno de la Noche


Papers and Profiles 

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Safety Liaisons Project in Poster Form

Proyecto de los Enlaces de Seguridad en Poster