CPWR Impact “Empowering Day Laborers to Work Safely in Construction”

The Center for Construction Research and Training has recognized New Labor’s workplace health and safety work as an exemplary model in training. In its “Impact” card, CPWR describes New Labor working with Rutger OTEC to”understand day laborers’ health and safety needs and develop Spanish-language training to help workers protect themselves and co-workers on the job”.

According to the “Impact” card, our project was a success because
- we tailored “this program to the unique needs of a hard-to-reach and transient group of workers.”
- “involving the target population and taking time to build trust ‘on the corner’ where workers gather
- learner-centered curriculum-development methods that involve day laborers in their own education and in their primary language

In the end, over 450 workers were trained, and 30 workers were trained as “lead trainers”. In addition the developed curriculum was implemented in conjunction with the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Public Health to give the training to worker centers in Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston, Austin, Memphis, Milwaukee and Houston while helping to build their capacity.

For more information see the CPWR Impact Card here

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