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New Labor Liaisons Doing Spanish OSHA-10

Starting in 2009, New Labor has been working to develop members to be residential construction safety liaisons that would be trained to recognize workplace hazards and take appropriate actions to correct them if needed. At the same time, they have

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CPWR Impact “Empowering Day Laborers to Work Safely in Construction”

The Center for Construction Research and Training has recognized New Labor’s workplace health and safety work as an exemplary model in training. In its “Impact” card, CPWR describes New Labor working with Rutger OTEC to”understand day laborers’ health and safety

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CPWR Highlights LOSHI Safety Liaisons

CPWR, the Center for Construction Research and Training, has “highlighted” our “enlaces de seguridad” project in their year end review , “Highlights 2011: Stories of Impact.” It includes a case study of how the enlaces critically assessed how to confront

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Danger at the Jobsite? Call OSHA|Peligro en el Trabajo? Llame a OSHA

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is responsible for developing obligatory health and safety norms, and for ensuring that these norms are followed through inspections, employer outreach programs, and fines and citations for violations. La Administración de la Salud y

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Temp Worker Conference | Conferencia de Trabajadores de Agencia

On Saturday, April 24, 100 temp agency workers in the state of New Jersey gathered to discuss the many problems that they face in there line of work. The participants indentified a number of grave health and safety dangers, both

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Don’t Rely on Only Divine Providence to Protect Yourself From Falls | No Depienda de Sola La Providencia Devina Para Protejerse De Caidas

Falls represent the greatest share of worker fatalities within the construction industry. Proper fall protection should eliminate the danger of falling, prevent falls, and ensure that workers who may fall do not severely injure themselves. (English translation coming soon) .

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Latinos Face A Higher Rate of Workplace Danger | Latinos Encuentran una Razon de Peligro Mas Alta En El Trabajo

Comparado con el resto de los trabajadores en los Estados Unidos, los latinos tienen un riesgo de morir en el trabajo más alto. Aun más alarmante, la razón de fatalidad de los latinos nacido fuera los EEUU fue 5.9 en

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Worker Training | Capacitación de Trabajadores

La meta de LOSHI es para proporcionar capacitación en español de la salud y de la seguridad ocupacional de calidad y eficaz de costo a los trabajadores Latinos. A través de trabajar con agencias de trabajo temporal, sindicatos y organizaciones

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